Introducing the new Moz tool, called Link Explorer

Introducing the new Moz tool, called Link Explorer

Check linking sites with the Link Explorer tool

Recently,'s retirement analysis خرید بک لینک and linkage site analysis site, known as Open Site Explorer, has retired and replaced its new tool. In an article titled Checking Site Validation and Analyzing Rivals

 We have discussed the concept of each of the factors calculated by this tool and how we use it.


Compared to similar services like Ahrefs and Majestic, the Moz service was very weak and inefficient, but the new tool, which was unveiled as Link Explorer, is very powerful compared to other examples.


Here are some of the most important changes to the Link Explorer tool

 Compared to Open Site Explorer.


1. The number of pages reviewed has increased

One of the most important OSE problems was the low number of pages examined by Moz analyzer robots. In the new service, the number has increased by 20 times.


The more pages are checked for the analysis of the links to your site


Currently, ahref examines 3 billion pages every single month, Majestic has downgraded it to 1 billion, but Link Explorer has managed to increase the number of pages to 4.7 billion.


Statistics pages checked by the Link Explorer tool

2- Link analysis is done on a daily basis

In the previous version, information on domain credentials and page validity was updated on a monthly basis and virtually your activities displayed a one-month delay in their effects. In Link Explorer, every morning, the data collected on the previous day is added to the archive of the pages and all the ratings for the domain and page are updated.


An exciting feature of the new service is the display of domain name changes (DA) over time. You can see in the chart a growth trend or a decrease in the validity of the domain at different times.


Changes the domain credentials in link explorer

3. Old factors were deleted and important factors were updated

Two older MOZs, called Moz Rank and Moz Trust, are out of date and no longer announced. Currently DA and PA alone can determine the overall reputation of the domain and the validity of each page for you.


There are also major changes to how Spam Scores calculate sites, and instead of System 1 through 17, a percentage scoring of 0 to 100 is used. A review of several sites by Web shows that spam scores have dropped dramatically and become much closer to reality.


Basic statistics of Domain Validity and Spam Score

If a site with a brand name or home page address is searched for by Google, but it does not fit well, Google is likely to be penalized 90 percent. The final scam score of a spam domain is based on spam scores of the sites that link to it and their domain outbound links.


4- Show new links and lost links on a daily basis

Each day, every new link created for your site, indexed by Moz, is displayed in the panel, and previous links that no longer exist will also be logged on to you.


Beck new and lost links for the site

Showing daily charts will help you identify your new and lost links and adopt the appropriate strategies accordingly.


5- Preparing the target list for the future

One of the new features in the Link Explorer tool is to create a list for future targeting. You specify the list of domains and pages you want to link to for yourself.


The Moz tool will periodically review these pages and will notify you if it finds a link from you. This technique is very practical for techniques such as linking through marketing comments and buying ads.


This new tool specifies which link from the target domain to which page your site has been referenced. It also shows if the page you are linking to or another page on your site is linked.


6. Display the validity of the data link slots to you

In part of your Link Explorer reports, you'll see a graphing chart of the domains that you've linked to, which are categorized according to domain credentials.


At a glance, you will find out what the quality of the data link domains is to you and how well your link spreadsheet is. This tool can be used to formulate future strategies and target specific ranges of domains with specific credentials.


Backstage links based on domain DA authentication

Access to the tool is limited

In the OSE version, any user without logging into خرید بک لینک تضمینی the MOZ site could check 3 addresses per day, and after the free membership on the site, there were no restrictions on the number of reports, only parts of reports and links details were restricted.


Link Explorer does not allow free-to-use reporting, and you must register on the Moz site for use. After registering free of charge, you can check the monthly 10 addresses for free, and you will need to purchase a Pro account to access more detailed information about reports or to review more addresses in a month.


Of course, if you do not need an analytical and accurate report, and only looking for domain and page credentials, you can get the basic information about each page you visit by activating the Moz toolbar on your browser.


By installing Trojan, you will actually be able to make Moz's access to internet pages wider and easier to collect information for. The more pages indexed by Moz, the more points are calculated